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First click on the Start button, go to settings, and select Network and Dial-up Connections. In the box that pops up select make new connection. This will begin the wizard. If you have not set up your location information for your modem you will be prompted. You should enter your area code in this box. Otherwise skip to the Network Connection Wizard.


By clicking edit you will open this box. Here you can set up call waiting to be disabled or set up your computer to dial a number to access an outside line. Typically if your line has call waiting it can be disabled by entering a *70, in that space,


This will then begin the Internet Connection Wizard. Select the option ‘I want to set up my Internet connection manually.’ and press Next.


Select the option '‘I connect through a phone line and a modem.' and press Next.


You will then be prompted for the area code and phone number to dial. The “XXX” in Telephone number: text box is for your exchange (ex. 522, 868 …).


You will then be prompted for your user name and password. Usernames are the user ID that you picked when you established your account. Both of these fields are case sensitive. You will also want to be careful not to put an extra space before or after either of them because it will be considered part of the field by Empire Access’s servers and will cause your connection to fail.

At the last step of the wizard it will ask you for a connection name. This is to make a name for your connection icon. We recommend you name this Empire Access.


You will then be prompted as to whether you would like to set up a mail account. That will not be covered on this page. The wizard would guide you through setting up Outlook Express. We have several FAQs on how to set up various mail applications including Outlook Express ».


Now the wizard is complete and there is an option to connect immediately. You will want to uncheck this option because there are still some settings we will need to enter in order for you to access the internet.


Click on the Start button and go to settings. Select Networking and Dial-up Connections. You should see your Empire Access icon there now. Using your RIGHT mouse button select Properties. You will want to go to the Networking tab and make sure it is set up like this. Then select the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and press the Properties button.


That will open this box. In the top section you should make sure it is set to Obtain an IP address automatically. In the middle section select Obtain DNS server address automatically. Then press OK.


That completes your dial-up settings. You should now be able to connect to Empire Access with your Windows 2000 PC. To dial Empire Access you would click on your Start button, go to settings, and select Network and Dial-up Connections. You will see your Empire Access icon there. You can click on that to connect. If you click on it with your right mouse button you will have an option to create a shortcut. This will place an Empire Access icon on your desktop.

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